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Whether you are looking for help with a new business, someone to help grow your social media presence or need support with the day to day aspect of maintaining your website and social media platforms. Take a look around to see what I can assist with.

Website and Online Store Design

You are looking to grow your business and need a website facelift or a brand new website that’s persuasive, easy to use and shows up in search engines. 

What I can do for you:


Provide actionable insights to help you improve your

       online presence.

Optimizing your content for search engines, so your

       business has better chances of ranking and getting

in front of clients.

Structuring for easy use and easy to read on any device


Help you choose the best integrations for your website.​

Researching relevant SEO keywords and interworking them in your web copy

Implementing your website wish list and keep

you updated throughout the process

Developer looking on screen
Anchor Website Services

Social Media Content

Social media is a fantastic tool to stay connected and engage with your clients, community and niche. Are you looking for ways to build your brand or help with the day to day commitment.

I can help to help with:

Choosing the best social media

platforms for your business

Creating content, custom contests, advertisement campaigns, promotions and paid ads

Community and follower engagement and growth 

Utilizing different platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest for advertising campaign

Planning content calendars, day to day content ideas

Social media platform audits and optimization

Maintenance and Updates

Are you a small business in need of help, but not ready to hire a full time employee?

What I can help with:

​ Maintaining your website updates, integrations and optimizations

Creating and automating day to day social media content, blogs and email marketing campaigns

Strategizing and launching of marketing campaigns 

Lead generation

Keyword research and project management

Customer engagement for reviews and comments

Customer database maintenance and online records

Web Design
Anchor Social Media
Anchor SEO
Anchor Website Management
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